EBR response to One Nation Labour’s Energy Efficiency Green Paper

An end to cold homes:  One Nation Labour’s plans for energy efficiency Read more

Building the Future – The Economic and Fiscal impacts of making homes energy efficient

This landmark report by Cambridge Econometrics and Verco sets out the macro and fiscal impacts of implementing the Energy Bill Revolution programme. It concludes that deep energy efficiency retrofits are affordable and would represent high value for money as a national infrastructure investment.   CERead more

EBR Economics Infographic

Knauf Insulation one of our core supporters, were so excited about the results of our recently launched macroeconomics report they made an infographic for it! Read more

Comments on UK Draft Fuel Poverty Strategy: Who to Target and Depth of Retrofits

Our response to the Government's draft fuel poverty strategy. Please use freely in responses sent to: more

MPs supporting the campaign
The only permanent solution to drive down energy bills and end fuel poverty.