Cold Home Crisis – The Stats

Insulation/Energy Efficiency

  • 4.5 million – the number of households that received energy efficiency improvements during the last Parliament (2010-2015)
  • 1 million – the number of households that will receive energy efficiency improvements under Conservative Government plans for this Parliament (2015-2020)
  • 78% - The reduction in the number of households that will receive energy efficiency improvements over the next 5 years if only 1 million households are helped
  • 270 – The number of years it would take to make all UK homes energy efficient (EPC Band C) if Government only insulates 1 million homes over the next 5 years with 1 measure each and trend continues.
  • 35 – The number of years we have left to de-carbonise UK homes to help avoid dangerous climate change Read more

The Cold Man of Europe – 2015

This briefing compares the state of the UK housing stock and fuel poverty levels with 15 other European countries. It concludes that no other country of the 16 assessed performed as poorly overall as the UK across the range of indicators. The UK has among the highest rates of fuel poverty and one of the most energy inefficient housing stocks in Europe.Read more

ResPublica – After the Green Deal

This ResPublica report suggests that a portion of national infrastructure funds should be used to insulate homes respublica_logo_hi_resRead more

Frontier Economics – Energy Efficiency: an infrastructure priority

This Frontier Economics report concludes there is a strong case for Government to make home energy efficiency an infrastructure investment priority and to develop an infrastructure programme to deliver it. Frontier Economics  Read more

MPs who supported the campaign
The only permanent solution to drive down energy bills and end fuel poverty.