Cold Homes Kill More People Than Alcohol, Road Accidents Or Drug Abuse

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Left Out in the Cold

Research finds inefficient and unambitious Government programmes have resulted in a dramatic 80% decrease in help available for those with freezing homes.

  • 80% decrease in help to make cold homes more energy efficient
  • 4 million poor families left out in the cold with no support in next decade
  • Energy Bill Revolution demands that the next Government makes home energy efficiency the UK’s priority infrastructure spending priority
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Netmums poll finds surprising results

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  • 97% say political leaders have ‘no idea’ what it is like to live in a cold home.
  • 78%  want home insulation to be made the UK's priority infrastructure investment.
  • One mother replies "I really worry about my 3 year old as he keeps getting chest infections and living in a cold house is not helping at all”
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Policy Exchange Identify Fuel Poverty ‘Funding Gap’

Joint statement by National Energy Action (NEA) and the Energy Bill Revolution (EBR) campaign on the release of Policy Exchange’s report “Warmer Homes - Improving fuel poverty and energy efficiency policy in the UK”  Policy Exchange logo Read more

MPs supporting the campaign
The only permanent solution to drive down energy bills and end fuel poverty.