Cold Homes Week – a call to action

Supporting the Energy Bill Revolution


If you are an MP the best way to support the fight for warm homes is to attend the next Fuel Poverty and Energy Efficiency APPG.

Thank you.

Information about the campaign

(This campaign has now ended)

High energy bills are causing immense financial hardship across the UK.

One of the main reasons is that the UK’s homes are some of the most energy inefficient in Europe–leaking heat from their doors, walls and windows. This means they cost much more than they should to heat and power.

As a result, millions of people are now in fuel poverty and the situation is getting worse. Older people, children and people with disabilities or health issues are all particularly vulnerable to the mental and physical impacts of living in cold homes brought on by high energy bills. On average 25,000 people die from the cold every winter.

The only permanent solution is to make all UK homes super-energy efficient.

We are calling on all MPs to support a much more ambitious energy efficiency programme.

The Energy Bill Revolution alliance wants home energy efficiency to be made a UK infrastructure investment priority. They are calling for 2 million low income homes to be brought up to EPC band C by 2020, and all 6 million brought up to the same level by 2025.

A major macroeconomic study found that achieving this would provide a ‘high value’ boost to the economy, 100,000 jobs spread across the UK and a profit for the Treasury.

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(This campaign has now ended)