Frontier Economics – Energy Efficiency: an infrastructure priority

This Frontier Economics report concludes there is a strong case for Government to make home energy efficiency an infrastructure investment priority and to develop an infrastructure programme to deliver it. Frontier Economics  Read more

Reducing household energy bills – proposals for a national infrastructure programme

Annual home energy consumption is equivalent to all UK gas imports. Despite being such a significant cost to UK plc, UK homes still waste more energy than almost all others in Western European nations. This paper proposes a combination of light-touch regulation, low interest loans and carefully targeted grants in order to deliver continued energy demand reduction at the pace required.Read more

Cold Homes Kill More People Than Alcohol, Road Accidents Or Drug Abuse

Deaths and illnesses caused by cold homes have been neglected by successive Governments.Causes of death smRead more

Left Out in the Cold

Research finds inefficient and unambitious Government programmes have resulted in a dramatic 80% decrease in help available for those with freezing homes.

  • 80% decrease in help to make cold homes more energy efficient
  • 4 million poor families left out in the cold with no support in next decade
  • Energy Bill Revolution demands that the next Government makes home energy efficiency the UK’s priority infrastructure spending priority
Press Release Read more

MPs supporting the campaign
The only permanent solution to drive down energy bills and end fuel poverty.