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mrs doreen cocks, castleford west yorkshire

"we live in a one bedroom council bungalow which as economy 7 heating had we have known what economy 7 was we would not have taken the bungalow but were told that the heating was economical
well its not . when we get up the place is hot so you have to open windows to let it cool down then by late evening its cold.
the council as checked it out and said that it is working okay.
if we don't put it on on at night and then its cold the next day we have no heat only the fire but the rest of the bungalow does not have any we are both in are 70s my husband suffers very badly with spondolosyis and arthritis the assessment team says we need the heating changing but the special needs says no the heating is fine and that we should get a plug in radiator and move it room to room this is some one that walks with a stick and can not stand up for any length of time and my self I have had a triple by-pass and have angina and am visually in pared and they expect us to do this .
also the bathroom is so cold that it as damp on the celling and walls and the floor there is a small electric heater up near the celling but it is about 11/2to 2 feet away from the fan so any heat goes straight out of the fan which comes on when you turn the light on only thing it heats is the top of your head.
early this year in the local paper the council wrote that on one housing estate that they were going to change the heating from econamy7 to gas as it was not economical this was not are estate I have asked to have it changed but with no joy were told we will have to wait till next financial year and see what happens with the mop up or get permission to do it are self's we have both worked all are lives and pay full every thing and are now told this I think it is disgusting as there is already gas in the building the property next door as gas which you can regulate and keep an even temperature you can not do this with economy 7we waste a lot of energy which we have to pay for unlike pensioners on income support when the temperatures drop they get a little help the ones that don't get income support do not"

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