Osborne cuts energy bills for big polluters

March 19th, 2014

The Chancellor announced in the Budget today a £7 billion package to cut the energy bills for energy intensive companies.

This will be achieved by freezing the Carbon Price Support at £18 / ton of C02 from 2016/17 until 2020, extending compensation for energy intensive users and announcing new compensation worth £1 billion to protect them from the costs of renewable energy subsidies.

Ed Matthew, Director of the Energy Bill Revolution, the UK’s biggest fuel poverty alliance said:

“31,000 people died of the cold last winter. This did not include any energy intensive company executives. Yet the Chancellor has chosen to reward them with £7 billion in compensation. He could have used this money to make 1 million households super energy efficient, removing them from fuel poverty forever. If this is a Budget for the makers it is a Budget to make pollution pay and fuel poverty worse.”


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