Energy Bill Revolution calls for carbon tax to be used to help the most vulnerable

March 18th, 2014

The Energy Bill Revolution, an alliance of 180 major UK charities, businesses, unions, health and consumer groups, is calling on the Chancellor to use carbon tax to make the homes of the fuel poor super energy efficient.


Amid reports that the Carbon Floor Price may be frozen, the alliance is saying that rather than give a tax break to carbon polluters, the Chancellor should invest the revenue from the Carbon Floor Price and Emissions Trading Scheme in a far more ambitious energy efficiency programme.


The campaign points out that energy efficiency is by far the most effective way to bring down energy bills and the only permanent solution to fuel poverty.  The average UK home can save £300 by installing more energy efficiency measures. Yet, the Government’s energy efficiency schemes are failing badly due to lack of Government investment.


Ed Matthew, Director of the Energy Bill Revolution alliance said:


“No fossil fuel executives died of the cold last winter, but 31,000 vulnerable people did. The Chancellor should be using carbon tax to insulate the homes of the fuel poor rather than handing out more tax breaks to carbon polluters.”


The UK recycles £4 billion in green taxes into social and environmental projects a year with the renewables industry built on this recycled tax. Yet the Treasury has so far refused to dedicate carbon tax to insulating homes despite the fact it is classified as a ‘green tax’ which means its main objective is to reduce carbon emissions.



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The only permanent solution to drive down energy bills and end fuel poverty.