Mark Durkan

Parliamentary Constituency

Mark Durkan

Mark Durkan has supported the Energy Bill Revolution by signing parliamentary EDM 47, calling on the government to use the money it gets from carbon taxes to make homes super-energy efficient.

There is a compelling logic to channelling carbon tax revenue to energy efficiency in fuel poor homes. It would allow energy conservation, social justice, constructive local employment and responsibly targeted taxation to all rhyme in one policy measure. It scores on principle, practicality and productivity and would offer results for poorer households, the green economy and tax justification.

Carbon taxes are supposed to be a key factor in reducing emissions. They should not be allowed to add to costs especially for those living in fuel poverty or energy inefficient homes. Instead, the carbon tax yield should be a resource targeted at imposing the energy efficiency of homes and so reducing future costs for households suffering fuel poverty.

What can you do?

Messaging your MP means that whether they have supported or not they will keep fuel poverty a priority.

Don't forget that you, as a constituent, have the most influence over your MP.

You can also chirp us a tweet or voice your opinion on Facebook. If you want to really support this cause you could organise a meeting or visit your MP to discuss this directly. Please send us an email and we'll be glad to help.

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