Helen Hayes

Dulwich and West Norwood
Parliamentary Constituency

Helen Hayes

Helen Hayes has supported the Energy Bill Revolution.

It is deeply concerning that so many of my constituents struggle to heat their homes in cold weather, sometimes having to choose between heat and food. Investment in making our homes more energy efficient is a win win situation for everyone, reducing energy bills and helping to address climate change. I fully support the Energy Bill Revolution, and hope that the Government will take steps to ensure that everyone stays warm this winter.

What can you do?

Messaging your MP means that whether they have supported or not they will keep fuel poverty a priority.

Don't forget that you, as a constituent, have the most influence over your MP.

You can also chirp us a tweet or voice your opinion on Facebook. If you want to really support this cause you could organise a meeting or visit your MP to discuss this directly. Please send us an email and we'll be glad to help.

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