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Robin Westbury, Windsor

"During 2013 I attended a DECC meeting in Whitehall and the topics discussed have no bearing on the Autumn statement at all. If Decc and OFGEM are to remove their support, from their visionary mission, then they are letting the whole country down.

People’s lives- and let’s face it, people who do not have great accommodation or the money to heat their homes will continue to be blighted.

External Wall Insulation is the answer for the masses. It lowers heating bills,
it improves the external appearance to a point where communities can take pride and ownership of their habitat. External walls can be used internally, where they couldn't before and mould can be removed.

When you add up the cost of Greendeal so far-it runs to millions. Green- deal Road Shows, Greendeal Procurement, Greendeal Training, which has cost SME's £1,000s in getting PAS 2030-and for what? Who is going to repay the training costs, if no works comes from a Government led initiative.
This is nonsense and it has cost me my job, for one."

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