TNS Public Polling for Energy Bill Revolution

April 2nd, 2014

Public polling finds that people want domestic energy efficiency above other infrastructure programmes

Summary of findings

TNS carried out a public poll across the UK on behalf of the Energy Bill Revolution.

Respondents ranked their top three infrastructure projects from 6 choices. These choices were energy efficiency measures for homes to deliver a £500 saving on the energy bill, road building, power stations, HS2, a London Underground extension and airports.

The top three choices were firstly ranked as a priority for the UK, and secondly according to which ones they would personally benefit from. There was a strong preference for energy efficiency measures for homes with 85% of respondents ranking it in their top 3. When asked which project respondents would personally benefit from, again, the strong preference was for the energy efficiency measures for homes with 81% ranking it in their top 3.

When looking at how respondents ranked the projects in terms of first priority for the UK, energy efficiency measures for homes was the clear leader. 57% of respondents ranked energy efficiency measures for homes as the 1st infrastructure priority for the UK. This compares with 15% giving first priority to road building, 15% giving first priority to new power stations and 3% or less giving first priority to HS2, an underground extension and airports.

Whether looking at the results at an overall level or the top ranking, it was clear that energy efficiency measures for homes were seen as the top infrastructure priority by some considerable distance.

It is clear that there is strong public support for free energy efficiency measures for homes, both as an infrastructure priority for the UK and as something the public see as benefitting them personally. As such, any decision at a Government level to implement a home energy efficiency infrastructure programme resulting in free measures for the public is highly likely to be met with a positive response from the voting public.


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Ed Matthew, Director, Transform UK

The Energy Bill Revolution is an alliance campaign coordinated by Transform UK, a programme of the sustainable development organisation E3G. Transform UK works to build alliances to accelerate investment into the low carbon economy in the most socially just way.