Oxfam joins the Revolution

September 2nd, 2014

Oxfam has joined the Energy Bill Revolution alliance, calling for warm homes & lower bills.

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25,000 die on average every winter in the UK, many in homes they can’t keep warm. The Energy Bill Revolution is calling on the Government to make our homes super-energy efficient, permanently drive down energy bills and ending fuel poverty.

This major infrastructure programme could ramp up to insulating 1 million low income homes a year to a cosy band C by 2020 to bring 9 out of 10 homes out of fuel poverty, lower energy bills, cut carbon emissions and create a 260,000 job industry. It’s time for an Energy Bill Revolution.

Oxfam said:

“The best way to end fuel poverty is to invest in making Britain’s homes more energy efficient and eliminate cold homes. Doing so will not only reduce bills, it will help reduce Britain’s share of global carbon emissions. It is also an important step in tackling climate change and preventing it from undoing efforts to overcome global poverty and end hunger.”
David Taylor – UK Policy Advisor

EBR responded:

“It is fantastic to have the support of Oxfam for the Energy Bill Revolution. As one of the world’s leading development charities they understand better than anyone the needs of the most vulnerable in society. With their support our alliance grows stronger and the call for an energy efficiency revolution louder. It is time now for politicians to recognise that our solution has universal support from poverty and green campaign groups. They must now act to back our call for a transformational new programme to super insulate the homes of every low income household.”

Join the revolution

MPs supporting the campaign
The only permanent solution to drive down energy bills and end fuel poverty.