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New report: Energy Bill Revolution best for jobs and growth

The Energy Bill Revolution is calling on the Government to use the money it gets from carbon taxes to make our homes super-energy efficient. This is the only permanent way to end fuel poverty and drive down household energy bills. Research has already demonstrated the social and environmental benefits of the programme: nine out of ten fuel poor households removed from fuel poverty; four times greater reduction in carbon emissions compared to the Government’s current policies.

Now a new report for our alliance partner Consumer Focus shows that the Energy Bill Revolution is also best for economic growth and job creation.

  • Compared to alternatives the Government is considering to boost the economy, like cutting VAT, reducing fuel duty or investing in capital infrastructure projects such as building roads, an energy efficiency programme is a more effective way to stimulate the economy.
  • Such a programme would create 71,000 jobs by 2015 and up to 130,000 jobs by 2027.
  • The resulting reduction in gas and oil imports would boost economic growth as well as improve the country’s energy security.
  • By reducing the amount of money consumers have to spend on energy they would have more money in the wallet to spend on UK products and services.
  • The energy efficiency programme is ‘shovel ready’ – fast to mobilise.
  • And it would stimulate economic activity and jobs in ALL regions of the UK.
  • It employs workers in construction and allied sectors where there is surplus capacity – so investment is less likely to ‘crowd out’ alternate economic activity.
  • It would also reduce NHS expenditure on treating cold-related illnesses such as respiratory and coronary diseases.

These research findings have important implications. They show that recycling carbon tax revenue to make homes super-energy efficient is a major opportunity for the Government to re-build the UK economy.

The economy will benefit from increased economic activity, job creation and reduced imports of gas and oil.  And, millions of British families will get ongoing benefits from warmer homes, reduced energy bills and better health.

To find out more, download the Report Executive Summary here .

Specialists can download the full technical report here .



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The only permanent solution to drive down energy bills and end fuel poverty.

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